My First Big Girl Bag

My First Big Girl Bag Redhead Rendezvous

It appears my recent post detailing the items I want to splurge on got to me. I bought a bag. While it isn’t Gucci, it is Rebecca Minkoff and has a pretty price tag. This is my first major, well thought out, big girl buy and I’m so excited about it. Keep reading to find out more about my Rebecca Minkoff Always On Regan Tote.

My First Big Girl Bag Redhead Rendezvous

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My First Big Girl Bag Redhead Rendezvous

Going into this, I wanted a tote bag. This isn’t about wanting a designer purse. Instead, it’s about a missing wardrobe staple, which is also extremely practical.

I hate going into meetings with professors or interviews for internships where I have to carry my laptop or bring my resume and writing samples, because I only had a book bag. It looks unprofessional, so I would often end up carrying whatever I needed to bring.

So, I started looking around. I started observing what other people carried, paid a little extra attention to the bags coming across my Instagram timeline, and began my research. After spending hours on different sites and reading different purse reviews I finally set my heart on the Rebecca Minkoff Always On Regan Tote.

My First Big Girl Bag Redhead Rendezvous

My First Big Girl Bag Redhead Rendezvous

Ultimately, I decided a designer bag is worth the price. The Always On Regan is a classic, brown leather tote–something that will never go out of style. Thinking back on my past splurges, I realize quality items hold up. I still wear both pairs of Tory Burch flats I’ve owned since high school. And, when I was 17 I had my heart set on a Michael Kors bag which I spent all my birthday money on and I still use it to this day. Sometimes, you have to dip into your bank account to have quality things.

I’m so, so happy with my bag! There’s so much room, so many pockets, and of course, it’s super adorable. I can comfortably stow my laptop, planner, water bottle, and everything else inside.

I purchased my bag for $250 off the Rebecca Minkoff website. It’s originally $295, but if you sign up for an email subscription, you’ll receive 15% off your first order. And, right now Nordstrom is price matching this bag for $236! Get it while you can. I promise you won’t regret it.


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