If I Could Splurge: A Wish List

If I Could Splurge: A Wish List Redhead Rendezvous

We all have those items we so badly covet, but will never be able to afford. I’ve spent a few too many nights deep into Net-a-Porter’s website, ogling over Gucci’s newest pieces. The sad reality is, I’m a broke college student barely able to support my iced coffee addiction. But, that doesn’t stop me from creating a list of items which I’d like to splurge. A girl can dream. I’ve made wish list posts before, which you can find here. I really enjoy writing them and they’re two of my most popular posts so far. So, see what made my if I could splurge list below.


I once read that the two things worth the splurge are designer handbags and good jeans. With that said, here are my most desired bags.

My number one most lusted after bag is without a doubt the Gucci Soho Disco Bag. Besides that, who doesn’t want a Saint Laurent? I also think Henri Bendel makes some of the best handbags you’ll find. Next, while smaller but not any cheaper, Prada wallets are pretty incredible. And finally, if I was in a place to splurge on a bag, it would be the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Classic Louis’s never go out of style so it’s worth the splurge if you can cut it.


On to shoes… Have I mentioned I like Gucci? Recently, their loafer slides have been all the rage. I think the floral leather ones are so cute. They also makes a block heel version in a metallic color that I love. They’re very Wizard of Oz-esque, in my opinion. Now, this wouldn’t be a very good post about high-end shoes if I didn’t take a page from Carrie Bradshaw and mention Manolo Blahniks. These hot pink satin pumps are a dream. And finally, my favorite, the Acne Jensen boots. I’ve dreamed of these boots ever since I first saw them. I remember hopefully clicking on the link–oblivious to the cost–and having my hopes and dreams crushed by the price tag.


For the last group, here’s the clothing items I wish I could splurge on. Nowadays, it’s hard to go through your Insta feed without seeing a few Gucci belts. I really wish I could splurge on one, but that will never happen. Yet another Gucci product I love is the Gucci t-shirt. As cute as it is, it doesn’t seem worth the steep price tag. I also love the Self Portrait Azalea Dress. I’ve tried knock-offs of this dress and unfortunately, none of them seem to flatter me. Last up is another belt. B-Low the Belt became all the rage a few years ago thanks to Kendall Jenner, and while super fashionable, I can’t justify spending that on a belt.

While it would be nice if I could splurge on all these things, let’s be real, I couldn’t even get inside a Gucci store. What would you like to splurge on? Let me know in the comments below!

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